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International quality of Indonesian Coal, Screened Coal, US Coal, Base Oil, Base Oils,Bitumen and Rubber Process Oil and related products in India at special rates.

About Us

Some things are irreplaceable like the quality made in foreign land. Bringing forth irreplaceable quality products is the reason behind Asian Logistics and Marketing Co. huge success. Formed in the year 2013, we are one of the most successful wholesalers/distributors and traders of Indonesian Coal, Screened Coal, US Coal, Bitumen, Base Oil, and many other related products.

We are one of the established sources for Indian companies to get good generation capacity and very high calorific value of products found and made in foreign land. Quality is one of the major factors in all our offerings but apart from quality, price is also one of the factors that make our products worth investing in. We are five years old company and all that we have received or gained in these years, from appreciation to success and much more is because of our people who well-manage all tasks and perform more than their abilities.

Currently, we have 13 employees and all of them are experienced and self-motivated. Combining their knowledge, intelligence and experience with company's relation with top companies having base in foreign markets, we are now planning to export our range in international market and structure offices in other countries.

Core Values
  • Community and environment- We have been improving the communities with our work and dedication to provide US Coal, Indonesian Coal, and other products in quality, giving reason to companies to supply quality and compete. We care for environment by using recyclable products.
  • Alignment and accountability- We are responsible for what we do which is why we form such decisions which are company and customer benefiting.
  • Customer Service Excellence- Being a customer focused company, we make sure that we deliver complete satisfaction to our customers by rendering them excellent customer service.
  • Teamwork- Caring, supportive, loyal, and what not, our people are our strengths and coordination to complete tasks is what benefits the company much to succeed.
  • Balance- We help our people balance their work and life by providing them flexibility.
Client Satisfaction

In the list of priorities, we have ranked customers on first because it is customers who help us succeed in this competitive business world and improve our workings and operations. Prioritizing customers, we take an extra step to render them enhanced satisfaction. From procuring Indonesian Coal, Screened Coal, US Coal to making fast deliveries, all that we have been doing is to satisfy our clients and see them contented.

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